How to check for water in excavators during the rainy season and how to deal with it Jun 27, 2023

How to check for water in excavators during the rainy season and how to deal with it

After heavy rainfall water ingress in excavator equipment is a common phenomenon, the main reason for this type of situation is due to rainwater flooding the machine, especially in scenarios such as construction sites, where such events can easily occur. To deal with this situation, we need to take a series of correct measures to protect the equipment and get back to work in the shortest possible time.

As there are many reasons for the failure of excavators, so we have to first determine whether the excavator failure is caused by water ingress, the following is to give you a compilation of equipment into the water judgment method:

1. Check whether the tyres or tracks of the machine are heavy. Excavator into the water, the tyres or tracks will be waterlogged inside, resulting in heavy tyres or tracks inflexible when the machine is driving。

2. Check whether the oil of the machine is deteriorated. After the excavator is in water, the internal lubricating oil and hydraulic oil of the machine will be affected, and the oil will deteriorate and become cloudy.

3. Observe whether the appearance of the excavator is abnormal. After water ingress, the surface of the machine will leave obvious water marks or water stains, especially at the seals and recesses.

4. Check whether the electrical system of the machine is faulty. After the excavator is in water, the electrical system is prone to malfunction, such as failure to start, control system failure and other phenomena.

5. Check whether the machine has abnormal sound. After the excavator into the water, the machine internal electrical, oil pipe and other components will produce abnormal sound, such as noise, breathing sound, etc.. Once there is a strange sound may be a more serious problem.

These are the basic methods to determine whether water is entering the excavator. If the above phenomenon occurs, it is recommended that the following steps should be :

1. Turn off the excavator, after finding water in the excavator equipment, it should be turned off immediately. This will avoid further damage and safety hazards.

2. Check the electrical system. Water ingress may cause damage to the excavator's electrical system. Therefore, the electrical system should be checked for impact and the necessary repairs and replacements should be carried out.

3. Check the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of the excavator is very important and water ingress may cause serious damage to it. Therefore, the hydraulic system should be checked to see if it has been affected and the necessary repairs and replacements should be carried out.

4. Replace the lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid, as water ingress can contaminate the lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid and should therefore be replaced promptly.

5. Check the filters, as water ingress may cause them to become clogged or damaged, and carry out the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure the equipment is in optimum working condition.

6. After all the above steps have been taken care of and the unit is all shown to be in good condition, try to start the machine for normal operation.

In addition, waterproofing measures are essential to avoid water ingress into excavator equipment. For equipment such as excavators that are susceptible to environmental influences, waterproof materials such as hydraulic seal materials and cable jackets can be used to ensure that the equipment can work smoothly in harsh environments. It is also important to regularly maintain and repair the equipment, check for looseness, wear and tear and breakage in all parts of the equipment, and replace damaged parts in a timely manner.

For excavators with equipment water problems, you need to stop using, check the degree of damage and location, and take appropriate treatment and waterproofing measures. Only by doing a good job of maintenance, repair and protection of the excavator can we ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment, while also significantly reducing maintenance costs and improving the service life of the equipment, providing a more reliable guarantee for the project.

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